Family Doctor

Family Doctor

In those cases where people feel bad and can not wait long for hospital treatment, they can seek help from a private clinic and order a queue from a private family doctor. In our clinic you will find a professional family doctor who works 24 hours a day and expects various calls from patients who need his help. We are proud that we can provide you with a private clinic at reasonable prices, which allows us to diagnose and receive treatment at the highest level for the appointment of an experienced family doctor, which in many cases avoids going to the hospital. A characteristic feature of our clinic is the treatment of various categories of the population, from soldiers to tourists and patients who for some reason do not have Israeli health insurance. After completion of the treatment, patients receive a letter that contains recommendations for continuing treatment and, if necessary, also a prescription for the purchase of medicines and recommendations for work capacity. 

The Doctor is equipped with all the necessary equipment

The doctor in the clinic is equipped with all necessary diagnostic equipment, as he has medicines available.


Professional examination, providing a prescription for continuing treatment.

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