Laboratory tests

Many people do not perform laboratory tests because of the day’s load and the difficulty of documenting the arrival time. Ordering a laboratory test at our clinic saves you precious time.

The need for public access to private medicine is available in recent years. The meeting with the doctor at the private clinic prevents bureaucracy and procrastination in the HMOs and prevents exposure to infections and diseases and others with maximum comfort and quality of treatment.

One way to identify diseases is to perform laboratory tests. Performing tests allows identification of problems through laboratory tests as blood tests can identify problems, diseases and onset of new diseases.

Laboratory tests such as blood tests are performed to monitor the balance of salts, liver function.

Perform blood chemistry tests

In the course of the tests we perform blood chemistry tests – a variety of blood tests that include various components of the blood being tested in a chemical laboratory. The test includes the following groups: salts (electrolytes) substances that are important in normal blood activity such as sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus.


Sugar (GLUCOSE), Hga1c – a measure of diabetes.

Cholesterol (“good” – HDL, “bad” – LDL, and TOTAL)

Blood lipids (triglycerides, good / bad cholesterol)

Kidney function indicators: creatinine, urea (BUN).

How to prepare for tests

As part of the blood glucose preparation, fasting for 8 hours must be done before arrival. There is a possibility to drink water, but as part of the preparation for blood lipid testing, fasting for 12 hours is necessary.

In the clinic we offer laboratory testing services. We make sure to perform the tests in the most pleasant way – a designed treatment room and the tests are performed by a trained and experienced medical staff. A report of the tests is also available after the meeting with the doctor.


For whom the laboratory is open

The clinic is open to Israeli residents, soldiers, tourists who do not have medical insurance from the State of Israel and who do not wish to perform laboratory tests at the HMOs and wait a long time. All of these people enjoy the clinic by conducting thorough and professional tests carried out in a relaxed atmosphere and quickly delivered without bureaucracy.


Advantages of performing laboratory tests in our clinic:

– Quick access to every test

– The tests are carried out pleasantly

– The answers are given to patients within a short time

– A welcoming medical staff

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