Sewing of deep cuts

Our appearance is our best business card. 

The appearance of the hand and the handshake affect what we want to convey and the initial impression we create, and therefore a medical problem that results in deep cuts requires medical attention.


Most of the cuts and ruptures affect the skin and the underlying fat tissue without causing permanent damage, but damage to other tissues such as muscles or blood vessels can cause permanent damage.

When to get to the clinic for stitches

There are several signs that require medical access to the clinic:

Unstoppable bleeding

Lack of sensation in the wound area

Signs of infection such as fever or swelling.

The purpose of the seams


In the case of deep cuts in the chest, abdomen, back, face and palm, call the doctor immediately.

The purpose of the stitches is to connect the ends in order to speed up the recovery process and prevent the appearance of scars instead of the wound. It is important to perform the sewing within 8 hours of injury time if not, there is a chance that the wound will not heal and there is a good chance that bacteria will appear under the skin.


Deep cuts are performed as an inseparable part of a surgical procedure for the purpose of closing cuts or tears in the skin of the body.

High level service


Upon arrival at the clinic you can receive a high level of medical service while addressing the patient’s needs and desires. We are also committed to providing high quality medical services for patients. We work to provide professional service while opening our ears to what is happening in our patients, in order to calm the patients and respond to the various needs during treatment.

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