It is generally believed that this is an outdated and not very successful method of treatment, but in recent years, as a result of great success, it has been described as a very successful method of treatment.

 Treatment is carried out by different leeches with an interval of several days, while the use of leeches is one-time and after the session the leech is destroyed. Effects of leeches on the human body allow using them to treat a wide range of diseases – the leech bites the body to a depth of several millimeters and injects its saliva into the wound. 

Saliva leech contains the enzyme Hirudin, which causes a decrease in the clotting capacity of blood, it loses its density and becomes more “fluid.” Another substance found in the saliva of leeches is called Dystabilase – this substance can dissolve already existing thrombi and finds its application for the treatment of venous thrombosis. 

Saliva leech has another useful property, due to the available in her enzyme Hyaluronidase, it strengthens the immune system. The saliva of the leech penetrates into the deep layers and manifests its effect on the deep foci of inflammation.

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